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Ballet Abilene Recital Details

Ballet Abilene presents a Spring recital each year at the end of May. This production showcases each of our classes as well as pieces danced by our ballet company. There are two performances of the recital in order to accommodate all of our students' family members. All classes perform at both times except for Baby Ballet classes (3&4's), who are assigned either a matinee or evening performance.

Costumes and Fees

In January, you will be notified about the Spring Recital and the costume and recital fees. Recital date is posted in August at registration and is on the website calendar all year. Once we order a costume, it belongs to you. If you should decide not to participate in recital at a later time you must still pay for that costume, as the costume cannot be returned. Costumes are ordered by the end of January so that they will arrive in time for the May recital. The costume companies will not give refunds once they have received the order. Costumes will be given out only after all monthly tuition and fees have been paid by the parents.

Recital Tickets

Each family will receive up to 10 complimentary tickets for reserved seats to recital. Families will be notified by email when the tickets are available to order on our website. ALL OTHER TICKETS WILL BE FOR SALE at $25.00 each ticket.

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