Studio Policies

Tuition is invoiced via email on the first of each month and is considered late by the 15th of that month. Two months without payment results in the student's suspension from the class. If for some reason you cannot make the payment, please contact Lisa Gore and make provisions for the payment of the account. 

Two or more students per family will receive a $5 family discount from their total monthly tuition. No refunds are given for classes missed because of illness or vacation since classes can and should be made up. Any student who stops taking lessons after the first day of the month must pay for the entire month. If a student quits classes, Ballet Abilene must be notified immediately.

We prefer that tuition be paid online as you receive your invoice on the first of each month. If you must write a check, it should be made out to Ballet Abilene and include the student's name on the memo line of the check. There is a charge of $50 for the processing of returned checks. 


We begin the school year after Labor Day and end with our recital in the latter part of May. We take the same Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break as AISD.  We do not take any additional AISD holidays or teacher work days. In case of bad weather or teacher absence, you will be notified by text, email, on our website/social media pages and/or a note posted on the door. 

Class Placement

Students are placed in classes according to age, ability and previous training. Students do not necessarily move into a different class each year, as in school. In ballet, we are educating muscles as well as minds, and muscles develop at different rates, as do children. Please leave placement up to the teacher!

Student progress is our most valued asset! Progress cannot be attained with a "drop-in, drop-out" attitude on the part of students or parents. It takes years to develop an accomplished dancer, but it can happen with the right attitude, perseverance, desire, and a little talent.