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Nutcracker 2023 Week
Parent & Dancer Information

Our Week at the Paramount

Cast A - Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee, AM School Show

Cast B - Saturday Evening, Sunday Matinee, PM School Show

This week is DRESS REHEARSAL. This means full hair, full makeup, and full costume EVERY NIGHT. (See below for hair and makeup tips.) When we finish rehearsal DEPENDS ON YOU! If your cast is not rehearsing, you are expected to attend the rehearsal to watch. Please sit quietly in the center front of the theatre and listen intently to every correction or change given on stage, as it will apply to you when it is your turn to perform. Also, Senior 2 Dancers, please do not sit in your snow or waltz skirts as they can get caught on chairs and easily rip. Absolutely NO RUNNING in the aisle or LOUD TALKING in the theatre. Please note that Morrow Photography will be present for pictures.

Please bring your costume(s) in a garment or protective bag - DO NOT wear your costume into or out of the theatre. All of our costumes are hand made and are very expensive to repair or replace - TAKE CARE OF YOUR COSTUME(S)!!!



Mouse Notes - CLICK HERE

Tiny/Baby Angel Notes - CLICK HERE


Monday, November 13 - Arrive at 5:30p.

- CAST A will run: street scene, party scene and battle scene.

- CAST B will run the same scenes

- Run Act 2: Land of the Sweets (CAST A and B)

Tuesday, November 14 - Arrive at 5:30p.

- ALL Angels and pilots. CAST A will run, then CAST B. (For Baby Angel Notes, CLICK HERE.)

- Snowflakes and Snow Queens will run snow scene for spacing and timing.

Wednesday, November 15 - Arrive at 5:30p.

- Set Curtain Call - This does not have to be in costume. This does not include the baby angels.

- Waltz of the Flowers (Emily/Tucker)

- Peacock - Mercedes and Bethany with Rex

- Waltz of the Flowers (Claire/Tucker)

Thursday, November 16 - Arrive at 5:00p.

- Sugar Plums and Cavaliers Rehears.

- CAST A run complete school show. 

- CAST B run complete school show.

NOTE/REMINDER: Snowflakes and Flowers are NOT in the school show.

- Final Waltz (Both Casts) 

- And anything else needed! 

Parents & Dancers, to help you out this week - FOOD!

Monday - Chick-fil-a (pre-order only)

Tuesday - Vagabond (pre-order only)

Wednesday & Thursday - Toasted Traveler Food Truck (grilled cheese options and soup made to order for purchase)

Friday Lunch - ABI Grazing Boards (pre-order only)

Dinner on Monday and Tuesday were by pre-order only and will be delivered to a table in the foyer of the Paramount for the dancer and/or parent to pick-up. The Toasted Traveler food truck will be at the Paramount on Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00p to 8:00p. Friday lunch will be picked up downstairs by the Paramount snack bar.

You can eat in the lobby of the Paramount, but NOT IN YOUR COSTUME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, be respectful of our beautiful, historic Paramount Theatre, and especially the BRAND NEW seats! Take care of your trash!!!!!!!!

Notes About School Shows, Warm-Ups, and Performances

AISD School Shows

- AM School Show - Arrive at 9:00a. Show begins at 9:45a.

- PM School Show - Arrive at 12:00p. Show begins at 12:45p.

- The school shows are approximately 65 minutes long. We will have a lunch break in between shows. If you'd like to preorder your food, see the link above under "FOOD". 

To download the School Absence Excuse Letter, CLICK HERE.

Warm-Ups for ALL Senior 1&2 Dancers

These warm-ups are for your injury prevention! Warm-Ups will be conducted at the Ballet Abilene studios. DO NOT SKIP THESE! 

- Evening Performances - Warm Up at 6:30p (Show at 8:00p)

- Matinee Performances - Warm up at 1:00p (Show at 2:30p)


Please arrive at the Paramount 30 - 45 minutes prior to performance time with your hair and makeup already completed. DO NOT wear your costume into or out of the theatre - please arrive with a coverup over your base layer (tights, leotard, etc.). Parents of Junior 1 dancers and above levels, please do not stay in the dressing room. Once your dancer has arrived, please exit the backstage area. 

Costume Returns

REMEMBER - ALL costumes are returned on Monday, November 20 at Ballet Abilene from 6:00p to 7:30p. DO NOT turn in late or during classes in December!!!! Absolutely NO exceptions. There will be a $75 fine for late or damaged costumes. If you are unable to attend, please send a trusted friend. **One costume per hanger to speed up check in. Mice can bring costumes back in a grocery sack. Check to see if you have paid your $25 costume fee please!

Thank you dancers for your time, talent and dedication!

Dancers, please get as much rest as possible, eat healthy and drink LOTS OF WATER to stay hydrated this week. Looking forward to a beautiful 37th Anniversary production of The Nutcracker!


(Note from Mrs. Amanda - to see if you read to this point, please tell Mrs. Nancy and Ms. Lisa how much you appreciate them and their unparalleled dedication to coordinating this amazing production year after year!!!)

Makeup and Hair Tips

For tips on how to do Stage Makeup, click here!
Mouse Notes
Baby Angel Notes

Specific Notes for Mice and Tiny Angels

Mouse Notes

Please wear your regular pink tights to rehearsals and save your gray ones for the performances. We only have so many gray tights and cannot order more at the last minute.

The mouse headpiece must be fastened under the chin. Please check yours to make sure it fastens. Also, please criss cross bobby pins on the sides to stay on the dancer's head.

All mice should sit in the center of the theatre close to the stage and pay very close attention to what corrections are being given to the cast on stage. The same corrections will apply to them! A HUGE thank you to all dancer mice and their parents and Mouse Moms! We cannot do Nutcracker without you!

Baby Angel Notes


What to wear:

Baby blue or nude colored leotard (no skirt), pink footed tights, and pink ballet shoes. If your child’s ballet shoes have drawstrings, they should be pulled, square knotted, trimmed to one inch and then tucked in neatly. 


The Angel costume (plus wings & halo) will go over leotard and tights. It will be labeled and waiting for you on a rack in the dressing area. 

DO NOT wear the costume outside of the Paramount OR in the audience.


Hair: lots of curls, hair pulled away from face. Halo headpiece will be bobbi pinned securely on top of head. 


Stage Make-up: eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, rosy pink blush, and true red lipstick. PLEASE use a color stay lipstick that doesn’t rub off on our white costumes that we share with both casts. We recommend “Super Stay 24 Color” by Maybelline. The shade is “Keep it red” #035. 

Glitter: Glitter is fine, but if too much is applied, it comes across as sweat from the stage to the audience. A little goes a long way. There are many types of glitter you can use from roll-on to fine glitter that is sprinkled on. Glitter must be applied before arriving at the Paramount. It has caused problems with their air vents in the past and they have requested it not be sprayed or sprinkled while there. 


At the Paramount

Where to sit:

Parents (or whoever will be getting them after they have completed their dance) should sit as close to the end of a row as possible. It is very distracting for other audience members when people have to walk down a row to get out. Please be considerate.


Where and what is the tunnel?

The tunnel is the dressing area for tiny angels and mice. The dancers will get into costume and wait until it is time to be lined up in the tunnel. It is located downstairs by the concession area. You must go down the stairs in the lobby to enter the tunnel right by concessions. You will not be allowed to access the tunnel by going through the stage door. You must use the entrance by the concessions. The tunnel is a very small space, but because there is very limited space for dressing, this is where we must be. Please remember to keep voices down and try to keep dancers from running around.  It is important that you remain as quiet as possible because the audience members that sit in the left section can hear everything that goes on in the tunnel. Thank you for being considerate of the many dancers and parents that will be down there. 


NO FOOD, DRINK or MARKERS in the tunnel. 
This will help to keep our costumes clean and safe.


When do we go down to get ready?

Your angel should arrive at the Paramount already wearing their leotard and tights with an easy to take off and put on dress over them, carrying a ballet bag with their ballet shoes, bobbi pins, hair spray, etc. in it. Hair and make-up should already be fixed at home. You get to watch the first half of the show. Take your dancer to the tunnel immediately after the Snow Scene. This is when intermission begins. Please DO NOT leave your seat during the show or during bows. Go down at Intermission. You will need to quickly put her costume on her, pin in halo and slip on ballet shoes and wings. We will line up all Tiny Angels during intermission and you can return to your seat to go watch. 


Please, please, please take your angel to the bathroom. Do not assume they can wait until after their dance. 


When do I get my angel back?

As soon as they are finished with their part, you will need to go down to the tunnel and get your angel. Again, this is why sitting on the end of a row is important. Return their costume to the labeled hanger before leaving the tunnel. 

**Audience etiquette asks for those returning to a performance to wait until a dance is complete.  If you open the door and find you have returned in the middle of a dance, please wait at the back (close the door) until that particular dance is over, and then quickly make your way to your seats. 


I am not purchasing tickets for both performances that my dancer is in. 

When do I arrive? May I watch their dance anyway?

Arriving completely ready 30 minutes after the start of the ballet is fine. Make your way to the tunnel through the concession area. Unless you have a ticket, you may not enter the auditorium to watch. It has been requested, by the Paramount, that you not stand in the stairwell of the balcony to watch at any time.


If you have any questions, this year’s Angel Mom’s are:

Cassidy Caddell - ‭(325) 669-4600‬

Cassidy Hodges - (979) 220-0655

Dressing Room Rules

Abilene Ballet Theatre Dressing Room Rules

  • Please do not take videos or make FaceTime calls in dressing rooms. If taking still photos, please be mindful that the mirrors reflect most angles and corners, and dressing rooms are shared spaces where dancers are changing costumes, often quickly and with little to no privacy.

  • Dancers must take responsibility to clean up after themselves after every rehearsal and performance.

  • Put away costumes, shoes, and tights in garment bags, and place head pieces and props in the appropriate bins.

  • Throw away all trash.

  • Put away all make-up, bobby pins, hair nets, etc. Any personal items left loose on countertops after any rehearsal or performance will be thrown away.

  • Glitter is a privilege, not a right. Please take extreme care when using glitter, as it is extremely difficult to clean up. If you spill glitter, please take every measure to clean it up. If glitter messes remain after any rehearsal or performance, glitter will be banned from dressing rooms going forward.

  • Dancers may not eat or chew gum while wearing costumes. Non-messy snacks may be brought backstage but must be kept away from costumes. Chewing gum is not allowed backstage.

  • If a costume, makeup bag, personal item, etc. does not belong to you, please do not touch it, move it, or borrow it without asking.

  • Always be mindful of noise in the dressing rooms and backstage hallways. Older dancers, please set an example for younger dancers by acting with decorum backstage. If listening to music or watching videos, please use headphones or Airpods. Please limit phone calls to only those strictly necessary.

  • Due to extremely limited space, family members and other guests ARE NOT allowed backstage. There is a designated mom in each dressing room to supervise and assist dancers before and during each performance. Dancers may greet family and guests and receive flowers in the Paramount auditorium after each performance.

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