Ballet Abilene Dress Code

Dress Code

Class leotard colors are listed below.



Dance Bag Dance Shoppe will be having its very first pop-up at Ballet Abilene on Wednesday, the 14th of August during registration. We are so excited to finally open and hope you can come see us for all your dance supply needs!

We will have:
* Colored Leotards
* Tights
* Ballet Flats
* Jazz Shoes
* Tap Shoes
* Jazz Shorts
* Dance Bags
* Hair Supplies

Baby Ballet- pink (attached ballet skirts or tutus are acceptable)
5&6’s Ballet- mint green leotard and pink tights, no skirts
7&8’s Ballet- iris (lavender) leotard and pink tights, no skirts
Junior I- turquoise leotard and pink tights, no skirts
Junior II- ultra violet (purple) leotard and pink tights, no skirts
Senior I & II- black leotard and pink tights, (skirts are acceptable)

Tap-leotard, pink tights and black tap shoes

Jazz-leotard, pink tights and black jazz shoes

Proper dancewear is required. Hair in a bun (short hair pulled back from face and secured), tights, leotard, dance shoes (black jazz/tap shoes, pink ballet shoes), no jewelry. Jazz shorts/pants are for jazz only. Skirts are permitted at Senior I and II level only.