Ballet Abilene 2021-2022 COVID Safety Plan:

After careful consideration of CDC guidelines and under the guidance of our professional infection preventionist, we will be enforcing the following safety precautions: 
-No one is allowed in our building without a mask. Dancers will dance in masks. *No valved masks.
-Temperatures will be checked and recorded daily for each dancer at the door. Any dancer with a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be permitted in the studio. Parents must wait outside for the thumbs up or all ok from the teacher checking them in before leaving their student. 
-All barres will be wiped down and disinfected before and after every class.
-Class sizes are strictly limited. 
-Dancers must come fully dressed for class with a cover-up over their dancewear and their dance shoes in their dance bag. The dressing room area and cubbies will not be used. All dancers will change shoes in their assigned studio and place their belongings against the mirrored wall. Parents, do not worry! We will assist the young dancers with changing shoes. 
-We will maintain the adequate spacing of dancers at all times including the hallway and lobby area.
-Hand sanitizer will be distributed by the teacher to all students at the beginning of class, after barre, and at the end of class. 
-We have added a 15-minute window of time in between classes to eliminate congregation in the common areas. Dancers, please leave promptly after class. This 15-minute window also allows our teachers time to properly wipe down barres and surfaces.
-The water fountain is off-limits. All dancers must bring their own water bottle.
-Our lobby is closed. All parents must drop off their dancer 5 minutes before class time and either wait in the car or run errands and promptly pick up their dancer when class time is over. 

Any dancer or parent who doesn't abide by our COVID rules and safety plan will be asked to leave. We are taking this very seriously because we care about you. 

Parents, if you believe that you, your dancer, or anyone in your immediate family has been exposed to COVID, you must not bring your dancer back to class until the proper quarantine time has passed, he or she has been tested and/or cleared by your doctor. 

THANK YOU! Thank you for your patience during this time. Thank you for reading this and following these rules! We know it is a lot of info but we are striving to proceed in the absolute safest manner possible. After all, YOUR HEALTH IS OUR TOP PRIORITY! We are in this together and together we will make smart and safe choices. We look forward to dancing again soon!


Friendly reminder that when making out checks to pay for tuition, it goes to Ballet Abilene (our studio). When making out checks for anything Nutcracker related, it goes to Abilene Ballet Theatre (our company). We continue to receive checks made out to "Abilene Ballet" and that doesn't exist. Ballet Abilene is the name of our studio. We hope this clears up any confusion.

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